Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The ants go marching one by one...

Hurrah, hurrah, the long awaited ants have finally arrived! Pippin, who would like to be a "bug expert" when he grows up, received an Uncle Milton's Ant Farm for Christmas.

We promptly mailed off the coupon for the ants to stock it with, and have been waiting four months for them to arrive - four long, agonizing months for the little bug expert. Eowyn came in from getting the mail today and announced, "Pippin, you got some mail!"

"Who's it from?" asked Pippin.

"Uncle Milton...?" replied Eowyn, somewhat perplexed.

I was perplexed for a moment too, thinking, "We don't have an Uncle Milton..." But, then it struck me. "It's the ants!" I cried out.

Pippin was beside himself with excitement. He wondered how the ants had made it through the mail in an envelope without getting crushed. I told him they were probably in a plastic tube of some kind. He couldn't wait to open the big yellow envelope and finally lay eyes on his beloved ants. Sure enough they were in a little plastic tube with instructions to place them in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to calm them down before placing them in their new home. In the refrigerator they went and the kitchen timer was set for 15 minutes. Pippin sat watching the timer the whole time, occasionally announcing how much longer until the ants "were done".
Finally the time was up and we carefully shook the tube of ants out into the awaiting ant farm. Now the ant farm and all its inhabitants are spending the day being carried around our home because Pippin doesn't want to part with them. They have sat on the couch to look at books, they have gone to the bathroom, they have gone to Pippin and Frodo's room to play, etc.
Thank you, Uncle Milton, for pursuing your idea and bringing such joy to my little boy, and surely many others through the years.
And, yes, there really is an Uncle Milton. If you want to learn more about him click on the following link to read a brief interview he did in 2006 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Uncle Milton Ant Farms:

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