Saturday, May 28, 2011

Will It Stick?

Yikes, I love having this blog to chronicle our lives. However, life has just been too busy for me to keep up with it. I'm in shock that's it's been over two years since I updated it. Then I look back over those two years and see all that has happened in my life. We've had two babies in those two years. The newest was born just a month ago. Our sweet little man has a serious heart defect and down syndrome. I wish I had blogged through both pregnancies and births. It would have been nice to have posts during our four week stay in NICU also. But hey, beating myself up over not blogging while taking care of our home and family, in addition to spending several hours a day with our infant in the NICU, would be ridiculous. Living life is more important than writing about it. If you only have time to do one, chose the living.

I hope to get this going again though. I really like having this for our own personal remembrance.