Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"The Way Home: Beyond Feminism, Back to Reality" by Mary Pride

This has to be the best book on basic Christian living I have ever read. It was written over twenty years ago, yet, aside from some outdated statistics, it is still spot on for today's Christian adult. I always hate it when I see a book review that says something to the effect of "this book is a must-read for every person who breathes oxygen on the planet", but I really feel that way about this book.

There are huge problems in our nation because there are huge problems in our homes and churches. Not only has the pagan world bought the lies of feminism hook, line and sinker, but the church has as well. As the church of God has conformed to the lifestyle of pagan America it has maligned the name of God, lost its way and forfeited its power to change society. We are to be in this world, not of it. Now people who call themselves Christians live their lives no differently than the lost and then wonder why the church no longer has any effect on society. It's because, "If we are no better than they are, why should they think God's standard is any higher than theirs"?

There needs to be a revival among God's people to repent of our selfishness, pride and arrogance, and turn back to living the way God ordained us to live. Mrs. Pride's book is an excellent tool for pointing sincere Christians back to the narrow path. If I could afford to purchase these in bulk I would, and I would give one to every Christian man and woman I know.

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