Monday, July 23, 2007

OSA National Event 2007

We're home safely from the OSA National Event 2007 in Birmingham, AL. My only regret is that we weren't able to be there for the whole event. God willing we will be there for the entire week next year.

Ahhh...there's nothing like standing in the hot sun proclaiming the truth of God to a God-less nation. If only we would repent of our wickedness and turn our hearts toward God, then He would hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land. Without repentance our nation is headed for great disaster. It is only a matter time before the heavy hand of God's judgement falls upon us. Like the ancient Israelites, He will use our enemies to plunder and destroy us, and no one can turn back the hand of God.

The Battle of Two Seeds is displayed on the streets outside the abortuary. On the left are the proud sign-wielding supporters of murder on demand. On the right is my friend Mrs. W "giving them heaven", as our pastor would say. She is surrounded by several other Christian messengers ready to deliver God's message to America.

The ridiculous owner of this abortuary actually told me she was doing "God's work".

God's work?I think not!

Aside from the important work of exposing abortion for the heinous act of violence it is, we did have the honor of hearing from two distinguished men of God speak. The first is Alabama Senator Hank Erwin. I was very impressed with his honesty and the intensity in his desire to rid his beloved state of abortion. There was no hemming and hawing like you get from most politicians who are unwilling to offend any one. (meaning, unwilling to lose any votes!)

Next, we got to hear Judge Roy Moore speak after Senator Erwin. Judge Moore is an eloquent man of principle, unwilling to compromise the name of God Almighty for the sake of political correctness. During his talk, he walked us through some American history to show us how the current liberal tide has twisted the words of our founding fathers to further their flagrantly wicked agendas.

If only he would run for president. But, alas, American does not deserve a godly president. We will have to suffer under the judment of God until such a time as we as a nation repent.

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